Why Us

Blackhawk Network is a pioneer in prepaid payments and branded value
our network

Our network

Blackhawk Network’s broad reach and distribution capabilities are unparalleled. Gain access to physical and online retailers, publishers and offers all through your connection with Blackhawk Network. Grow your business by selling your gift card and egifts on your own website or app, and make them available on hundreds of publisher websites and on third party retail sites for the broadest distribution possible.  

our partners

Our Partners

Blackhawk Network partners range from globally-recognized brands to regional and local ones. Through our various gift card, incentives and rewards programs, we’ve built relationships with corporations, financial institutions and leading technology companies. Partnering with Blackhawk Network means you’re partnering with the best.

trust & security

Trust & security

While fraud is a very small part of what happens in the market, we manage the fraud risk so our gift card partners don't have to. We’re integrated with world-class risk systems like Riskified, CyberSource and Trustev to ensure the safety and security of your ecommerce site. Our dedicated risk management team continually monitors for fraudulent or suspicious activity. 

From our roots in the very heart of the retail industry and with innovation at our core, we continue to develop new ways businesses can engage in and maximize rewarding relationships