A comprehensive technology stack that’s built to fit and maximize return
Platform features

Whether you are selling your brand or a marketplace of popular brands, our ecommerce platform is flexible enough to adapt to your workflow, while single sign on support and integrated shopping cart capabilities keep the shopping process seamless for your customer.

Payment processing
  • PCI compliant
  • 22 payment gateways and multiple languages
  • Supports user credits and loyalty points
  • Saves credit cards to user accounts
  • Supports refunds and returns
Responsive functionality
  • Responsive design for mobile web
  • Mobile SDK for iPhone and Android apps
  • Geo-location and notification support
  • One-click buy on mobile devices
Blazing speed
  • 99.95% uptime* 
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Reliable servers are easy to scale
  • Data centers have unlimited replication
Deep analytics
  • Over 100 reports – out of the box
  • Custom reports – scheduled and delivered
  • Data replication services for business insight system integration
Integrated CRM
  • See all transactions and respond to support issues
  • Search for customers, transactions, orders
  • Includes support for shipping tracking, taxes, VAT, and combined shipping

* Routine scheduled maintenance excluded

platform features
Best-in-class technology

Support direct sale and fulfillment of digital gift cards from any website or device with our egift APIs.  We’ve invested in our egift technology, with our Template Development Kit, to give you more control over creating egifts.  It’s flexible and can be customized quickly, reducing your development hours so you can manage your resources more effectively.

Integration customized for your business

Build the power of Blackhawk Network right into your website or mobile app with our feature-packed and flexible APIs.

  • eGift API 
  • Wallet APIs
  • Exchange API
  • Affiliate/Syndication API
  • Sourcing/Reselling API
  • Reporting API
  • Single-Sign-on/FB Connect
Our egift APIs are:
  • Optimized for mobile, tablet, browser, and native app views 
  • HTML 5/PCI/W3C compliant
  • Optimized for mobile in-store redemption

Allow customers to buy egifts, check balances, and reload their gift cards directly from your mobile app with our wallet API.  You can also upload physical card data to manage all your gift cards (physical/digital) in one place.

Management portal

management portal

Manage everything in one place

Our comprehensive administrative portal gives you easy access to orders to help with customer service requests.
 You can also customize your website to easily make design changes. Create promotions and offers for the site and monitor all your gift card sales from one place.


*Available with Hawk Direct and Hawk Offers

Analytics & reporting

Reporting and analytics are key to a successful gift card program. Create reports any time or schedule them for ongoing monitoring. If your analytics needs are more robust, customized reports can be created to as granular a level as you need. Our platform captures location-based analytics and can forecast performance based on prior customer behavior. Data visualization and purchase maps are also available.