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Gift cards open up a direct channel to your consumer as well as motivate action for businesses. And now with CashStar, a Blackhawk Network business, you can grow your own gift card sales with a full-service online and mobile solution
hawk direct

Everything you need to grow your business with gift cards including direct to consumer and business sales

  • Customized website to sell your own gift card brands and/or other popular gift card and egift brands
  • Reach millions of new consumers when you distribute your gift cards and offers through Blackhawk's network of partnerships in retail and incentive channels
  • Let our teams of experts manage the resource intense functions of selling gift cards and offers online

Unparalleled marketing and customer engagement tools


Get critical business intelligence with our web analytics and reporting capabilities


Integrate your loyalty program for a seamless experience that enables rewards for purchases and the ability to spend rewards on gift cards


Create and manage promotions such as dollars off, discounts, and bonus cards


Send custom email campaigns to drive repeat purchase

Leave the rest to us

We handle it all—implementation, risk, fulfillment, and customer service—so you can focus on your core business.

fraud tools

Benefit from our world-class fraud tools to keep your business protected. Blackhawk owns the transaction risk.

seamless connection

Seamless connection to a variety of fulfillment centers for physical cards.

tier one customer support

Tier one customer support by phone and email. Driving the highest customer satisfaction and engagement is our priority.

Grow your business-to-business program with bulk sales solutions

grow your business

Sell to thousands of buyers at once with bulk ordering features like these:


Company registration and “Know Your Customer” compliance processes powered by Blackhawk team of experts


Bulk upload tool makes sending large quantities to multiple recipients easy


Breadth of business payment options including credit card, ACH, check, and wire transfer payment methods


Blackhawk client services nurtures your best customer relationships to increase sales 

Create a Gift Card Marketplace

Create a gift card marketplace with hundreds of gift card brands

Bring all the best brands together and sell them on your website or mobile app. Promote sales with loyalty programs and targeted campaigns.

  • Integrates easily with your in-store loyalty program so customers can earn rewards on gift card purchases or redeem rewards for gift cards
  • Automated settlement and reporting 
  • Create and manage promotions with targeted campaigns featuring bonus cards, percent off and dollars off promotions
blackhawk network

The Blackhawk Network Effect

Expect broad reach through the Blackhawk Network Effect. When you partner with Blackhawk Network, you benefit from our extensive distribution capabilities and strong set of long term partners. We can work with you on other branded value solutions including potential distribution in a network of retailer and ecommerce sites where you can supply your gift cards and offers or take advantage of other Blackhawk partner offers to resell on your site. One partnership with Blackhawk can open the door to a wide network of websites, corporate partnerships, incentive partnerships and retail locations.  

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