Turn your customers’ unclaimed gift cards into funds to spend at your store or site

Customers can:

exchange gift cards

Exchange gift cards for another brand


Sell gift cards for cash


Buy gift cards at a discount

Our platform supports your full continuum of omni-commerce channels

Customized to fit

Your logo and brand make your marketplace uniquely yours. Personalize fonts, colors, and layouts for seamless integration.

Powerful analytics

See insights about your visitor traffic and behavior. Reporting is available for offers made and gift cards purchased in customized breakouts.

Transparent payments

Gift card metadata and specification services let you store transaction details, customer ID, and contact information.

Know your customers

Fully automated fraud controls check driver’s license, credit/debit card, and/or SMS to keep your customers and business safe. Velocity controls help you prevent risk.

Purchase ‘Offer’ personalization

Create offers and terms based on your own objectives. Flexible with options to pay cash, activate gift cards, or use another form of payment.

Implementation approaches to meet your needs
APIs for custom implementation

Integrate the features of Exchange directly into your POS, website, mobile app or kiosk to create a holistic solution that fully fits your needs:

  • Resale of gift cards
  • Purchase of gift cards
  • Complete marketing and analytics support
Web point of sale
Turnkey WebPOS solution

Quickly implement Exchange in your locations from any web-enabled PC or tablet with little or no development effort:

  • Access via secure URL
  • Associate/store administration via single sign on or admin role
  • Know Your Customer customization
  • Real-time reporting for sales and reconciliation
White label site
A turnkey solution, white-labeled for you

Start your own branded marketplace with a comprehensive product offering:

  • Consumers exchange their unused gift cards for your currency (gift card, loyalty points, airtime, etc.)
  • Responsive site
  • Online & mobile advertising built into the flows
Physical device for high volume locations
  • Limited associate involvement reduces operating costs
  • Payout via store gift card, Visa gift card or (with POS) cash
  • Small footprint

Discover the Exchange difference