Your Offer-Sourcing Brainstorm - Top 10

By Serena Cavanaugh, NimbleCommerce Technical Writer, Courtesy of the NimbleCommerce Account Management Team A challenging part of any e-Commerce operation is not only building your inventory, but also keeping it stocked. and we gave them less than one minute to do it. No pressure, guys, right? Here are their answers in no particular order: SKU Pic #1.    Discover offers through the NimbleNetwork where you can connect with premium suppliers and other publishers. #2.    Think Big: approach a national product or brand. Ask them if they need help liquidating excess inventory of if they are launching a new product soon. #3.    Get Personal: ask friends, coworkers and family if they know someone who runs their own local business or if they love a certain brand or service – then go after those businesses. #4.    Measure Competition: monitor other e-commerce or daily deal sites ( like Living Social and Groupon) to get ideas and don’t be hesitant to approach their merchants – merchants want as much exposure as possible. Chamber of Commerce pic #5.    Lend a Helping Hand: keep an eye out for new businesses or changes of ownership -- those merchants will be thrilled to get your help promoting their products or services Your local Chamber of Commerce is a good place to start. #6.    Mashups: Very few merchants have ever done a multi-merchant offer. Think: pizza and mini-golf, dinner and a movie, tea and spa day, car rental and hotel…. Endless combinations, and a great way to differentiate your offers program.teamwork pic #7.    Hire a Dedicated Sales Team: e-Commerce is a different animal from display sales.  The ones who succeed have a dedicated team member or members who will source offers.. Even a summer intern can really make a difference! #8.    Email your Current Advertisers: if you have an existing base of advertisers, some of them may not know you also provide an offers/direct response program. Get the word out! #9.    Catch the Trends: find out what is hot by checking Terapeak's HotList #10.    Tap into Data: use NimbleCommerce Analyzer, a discovery tool that leverages your own sales data and outside sources like Yelp to help you find merchants in your area that fit your offers program. Special Thanks to the NimbleCommerce Account Management Team! Account Manager pic Do you have any great sourcing ideas that you would like to share? Leave a comment and check back for more comments and ideas.