Should You Use Guest Checkout For Your Website?

NC16-GuestCheckout   Guest checkout is a feature that allows users to purchase from your website without having to login or create an account. The consensus from our publishers who actively use the guest checkout feature is that it increases sales. The main reason that certain publishers do not use guest checkout is that they want to ensure they can continue to market to the customer. This article discusses ways to circumvent this issue and if you use Guest Checkout already, we’ll show you ways to maximize your revenue by retargeting. Let’s look at the common reasons why customers enjoy the Guest Checkout option:
  1. “I’m lazy and Guest Checkout is easy.”
People look for the least time consuming methods of online purchasing.  Shopping online is inherently a “lazy” activity so it makes sense that users often prefer taking the path of least resistance in order to make purchases online.  This is one reason why it’s incredibly powerful to give your customers the ability to save credit card data for faster purchasing in the future.
  1. “I don’t want to start getting a million emails each day.”
Many people receive an enormous amount of email on a daily basis and are hesitant to want to start receiving more.  If someone doesn’t want to subscribe to your site, but they do want to make a purchase, I believe it’s in your ROI’s best interest to allow this option.
  1. “It’s convenient and fast and half the time I don’t remember my login information anyway.”
If someone already has an account on your website and they opt to use the Guest Checkout feature, it will not allow them to create a 2nd account under one email address.  The customer is then told they already have an account and they can use the Forgot Password function.
  1. “I share an account with my Husband/Wife, and don’t want him/her seeing a particular purchase.”
Many couples share email address as well as accounts on e-commerce sites, so having guest checkout gives the ability to buy gifts for your partner without them knowing or using the Gift feature… I've personally spoiled surprise gifts that my wife has purchased for me on Amazon. To enable Guest Checkout, login to your admin panel of your NimbleCommerce site, select “Settings” and then “Checkout.” NC16-GuestCheckout-PullQuote While using Guest Checkout, you won’t have permission to begin email marketing to these new customers, but there are ways to legally and ethically market to them. Start by exporting unregistered customers by going to Reports > Sales >Transactions in your admin panel. Once exported, there is a column that displays whether the customer was registered or checked out as a guest. Proceed to sort this field and create a CSV file of just your Guest Checkout customers. Now you can take that list of guest checkout customers and proceed to upload them and run Google Remarketing or Facebook Retargeting campaigns to this custom audience. For Google Adwords, once you've prepared your CSV file, follow these steps to import it in AdWords Editor:  


  1. Select Account > Import. ...
  2. Choose From file ... to select a file, or Paste text to copy and paste CSV data.
  3. Review the column headers. ...
  4. Click Import. ...
  5. Review the list of imported changes. ...
  6. Click Review imported changes.
To upload your CSV list to Facebook and create a custom audience:
  1. Go to the Audiences tab in Ads Manager.
  2. Click the Create Audience button, select the Custom Audience option and then choose Customer List.
Now you can retarget these unregistered users through Google or Facebook and your ad spend will be dramatically lower than any standard PPC campaign.  In fact, many Remarketing campaigns we run have cost per clicks have been under $0.25. Create a smart ad for related products or even a "People who bought this, also bought this" campaign and activate your Remarketing and Retargeting campaigns in order to turn those customers into repeat buyers.