Increase Sales With Last Chance Emails

Increase Sales With Last Chance Emails


Many of our daily deal and coupon publishers receive upwards of 50 percent of a specific offer’s sales in the last 12 to 24 hours prior to their expiration. This is accomplished by sending out Last Chance Email campaigns. So how do you best  leverage this feature?


Enabling Last Chance Emails On Your NimbleCommerce Publisher Site

You can enable last chance emails on your NimbleCommerce site under Settings >> Email Settings >> Additional Settings. Enable (with a check mark) the option "Create Automatic Campaigns." After enabling this, you will then have the option in Step 3 of the offer creation process to queue up Last Chance Emails.  These can be sent to customers who engaged with an offer, but did not make a purchase. For maximum sales, we recommend ensuring every expiring offer on your site has this option enabled to send out between 12-24 hours prior to the offer expiration. If you would like to customize your Last Chance email, visit Design Center >> Email Templates >> Daily Deal Emails. Proceed to edit the "Last Chance Deals" email template.  

Taking It One Step Further With A Countdown Timer In Your Email

Sweet Deal Denmark has recently started testing the inclusion of an actual countdown timer in their last chance emails, and while results aren't quantifiable just yet, the campaigns they have used it in have all performed well. It's no secret that conversion rates increase as the countdown timer gets closer to zero. To implement a countdown timer in your email campaigns, visit and input your information and the expiration date of your offer. Proceed to choose the color scheme you would like to use and then copy the HTML code. Once you have the HTML code, you can update your email HTML to include the countdown timer code at the top of your email.  

Testing Your Campaigns & Our Best Practices

Email marketing remains a dominant sales channel for most of our publishers and we highly recommend running A/B split tests in order to most effectively engage with your audience. Frequency, the best time of day to email, and subject lines are a set of subjects that should always be tested and worked to improve upon. From our testing, we’ve found that shorter subject lines (16 characters or less) yield the highest open rates. We’ve also found that early morning emails outperform afternoon emails. Note that this could be different for your audience. The reality is that our tests might end up being very different than your tests, so test it out  for yourself to see what works. Happy emailing!