Does your deal site use Responsive Web Design?


  Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach focused on designing, producing and maintaining websites focused on optimizing view and interaction. It aims for easy reading and navigation. The number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices and the time they spend has already exceeded those accessing it via desktop. In a world where users have high standards for design and expect a consistent experience across platforms, RWD becomes all the more important. WagJag was the first custom site with Responsive Web Design that we launched at NimbleCommerce.

The site was mobile optimized so that the page automatically adjusts to the size of the user's screen, making for an enhanced buying experience. Since then, we’ve launched a variety of new sites with RWD including Family Deals, a Danish deals site focused on family friendly offers and All Deals Local, which features a variety of local, national and product offers.

RWD has several benefits, namely:

It improves your site’s S.E.O.: Non-responsive design means having a separate desktop and mobile site and, consequently, duplicate content. This leads to the mobile site being ranked poorly-- overall, wasteful from a search point of view. A responsive site with a single URL helps combat this and is great from an S.E.O perspective.

Google approves: Google loves and explicitly recommends RWD. Responsive sites make it easier for Google to crawl and index content. The search engine even favors mobile-optimized sites on searches made on mobile devices.

It lowers bounce rate and increases customer retention: In the absence of RWD, if the mobile site experience doesn’t live up to the desktop experience, the lack of consistency in design or content can be a real turn off for customers.  The resulting high bounce rate can seriously ruin your search rankings. With RWD, the bounce rate is reduced and new as well as old and loyal customers stay on your site for longer. Fewer abandoned carts!

It improves user experience: Instead of forcing images and text to fit into frames they weren’t designed for, RWD provides for a more consistent, pleasant and dynamic user experience.

It keeps you competitive: RWD has only recently become the industry standard and it’s quite possible that your competitors haven’t yet implemented it. Investing in RWD will help you retain your customers as well as your competitive edge!