Real Time E-commerce

4 Ideas For Real Time E-commerce


A major trend in 2017 for e-commerce is the rise of “real time” experiences. “Real time” pertains to a human sense of immediacy rather than time measured by a machine. Today technology has made it possible for customers to get real time contact and help with businesses, and easy for businesses to make this available to customers too! Below are four real time integrations and experiences you can bring to your e-commerce store!

Real Time Social Media

Social media provides a personal and regular way to keep in touch with clients and keep them abreast of company updates, interesting industry news and more! It is less intrusive than newsletters, allowing the customer to keep in touch with you on their own terms, and also helps them provide feedback to you in real time! The real time feedback may be qualitative as through comments, or quantitative through views and other statistics. To learn more about social media marketing, check out our social media series on general best practices as well as for specific sites:

Live Video

Video chat has elevated real time communications in multiple ways, allowing businesses to interact with clients and customers in a personal way and/or broadcast-style in real time! For more intimate meetings, such as with a group of clients or a personal consultation with a customer, services like Skype, WebEx, and Google Hangouts are a good fit. To demo a new product or otherwise promote something far and wide, services like Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram’s “Story” feature, Periscope, Vine and more may be more appropriate.  

Customer Support

Customers can’t help if they have a pressing question or remember they need to request a refund only at 3 AM! It’s now not only possible but easy to offer 24*7 support even while your employees are fast asleep. Several third party software integrations cater to e-commerce companies seeking assistance with their customer assistance! These come in the form of artificial intelligence (AI) phone assistants and chat bots that can understand the customers problems and provide assistance in real time! Many companies have now turned nearly all their customer support to these integrations with great success. You should too!  

Real Time Data and Analytics

Real time data and analytics solutions can help your e-commerce business in a variety of areas. For instance,  you can monitor your site traffic and revenue goals and identify patterns in your customers' shopping behaviors. You can also boost transparency and improve relevance through real time pricing, which is particularly useful for sales, offers, and auctions. If you have used any of the above on your website, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear about your experience!